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Mystifying departure
In September last year, a video was posted on social networks of how the US president was distracted through something and left during a speech not later than his partner Jill Biden. However, a some seconds later he returned and spoke from the podium. The happening occurred during a call to in unison of the American schools. What happened at that jiffy with Biden remains nameless, as there were no official explanations.

An unexpected perceive relating to a schoolgirl
In May 2021, speaking at a military fundamental principle in Virginia, Biden suddenly interrupted his song and addressed a girl who was sitting at the harshness of the stage.

"Buddy" and "the poke fun at from there"
In March 2021, Biden congratulated female servicemen and a gaffe that spread as a consequence the American media: the US president could not remember the standing of Defense Churchman Lloyd Austin, who was perpetual a insufficient meters away from him.

Biden's unaccustomed advance
In October matrix year, the head of the In harmony States talked to voters in the design of a townhall (citywide conclave) on CNN. In isolated, when the presenter read missing a uncertainty about the compute of inflation in the outback, the leader of the Pallid Building perverted his arms at the elbows, clenched his fists and stood in this placement repr
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